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Are you worried about dry and tough winters of Calgary? Talk to Alberta; one of the best Humidifier Installation Company Calgary. We will help you for finding the right humidification system to suit your requirements.

Is your humidifier having trouble? We supply and install the best humidifiers with leading guarantees and warranties on installation, unit and components.

High-Quality Installation – Controlled Humidity

Dry and moist atmosphere hinders the happiness of your body and mind. Maintaining ideal indoor moisture has several benefits. We install humidifiers of all the top brands with the best installation warranties. A team of certified humidifier technicians is just a single call away.

Get Rid of Leakages - Hire Humidifier Installation Experts

Our accurate installation prevents your humidifier from leakage issues. Top-quality tubing and valves keep the unit safe against leakages. At Alberta, we install only the best Home Humidifiers in Calgary of GeneralAire and other makes. Our HVAC professionals ensure a healthy and refreshing atmosphere to let you live in complete peace and wellness.

GeneralAire offers excellent quality whole home humidifiers designed with ultra-modern indoor air technology.

Featured General Aire Humidifiers

GeneralAire Model 570 M

services-icon Affordable full automatic model of GeneralAire
services-icon Both manual and automatic humidistat
services-icon Can be installed right or left
services-icon Easy to maintain or clean
services-icon Covers up to 2500 sq. ft.
services-icon Water distribution system – KineticFlo patent
services-icon Daily humidity output around 12 gallon

570M Brochure

GeneralAire Model 1042LH

services-icon Evaporative whole home humidifier
services-icon Most popular model from the brand
services-icon Covers up to 2800 sq. ft.
services-icon Daily humidity output around 17 gallon
services-icon Uses evaporative humidification

1042LH Brochure

What is the cost of a new humidifier?

Call us to get a new whole house humidifier at price starting from $470. Make your home an ideal place by investing for complete value in return.

How humidifier is beneficial for homes in Calgary?

Here are the benefits of Humidifiers in Calgary-

1. The typical weather of Calgary is featured by dry air for a long time during the year. This may cause skin allergies and respiratory disorders. The major symptoms can be cough, dry and itchy skin and nose bleeding.
2. Right humidity in your home prevents chipping of the plaster and paint as well as the splitting of furniture and other wooden objects. This in turn reduces your cost on home maintenance.
3. You can save huge energy bills by installing a central humidifier. It will keep you feel warmer even with the thermostat at lower temperatures.

Does humidifier harm home and decors?

A humidifier does not harm your home and the furniture in your home. In fact, it controls the humidity and reduces the contraction and expansion of the wooden furniture and finishes. Humidifiers in Calgary certainly help in reducing the cost of your home maintenance.

What are the types of humidifiers?

Here are the different types of humidifiers used in Calgary homes-

1. Evaporative Humidifiers – Fair priced affordable humidifiers rely on evaporation. The duct system distributes moisture across the entire home. The evaporator pad requires a water line and the capacity is up to 2800 sq. ft. Evaporative humidifiers humidify the rooms by generating cool mists. They consume less energy and ensures higher safety compared to steam humidifiers.

2. Steam Humidifiers – They keep the humidity level constant as per the humidistat settings and require electricity as well as waterline. They are popular due to desired humidity and low maintenance. If you or your family member has health issues and do not want to compromise a bit, steam humidifiers are the best option. Steam humidifiers generate steam or warm mist.

3. Central Humidifiers – They are fixed into the heating or air conditioning unit in your home. They are expensive compared to traditional ones and add humidity across the entire house.

4. Ultrasonic Humidifiers – These are the most advanced and pricey humidifiers having an excellent humidifying effect. They add high moisture to the air without producing any sound. They use ultrasonic waves for generating a fine mist. They use the oscillation of a ceramic disc instead of relying on the fans. Ultrasonic humidifiers require the least maintenance and save a huge amount on energy consumption.

Humidifier Repair and Replacement

Nothing is more valuable than your family‛s health. We are a trusted humidifier repair Calgary company providing affordable services. Our transparent quotes make everything simple for our customers.

Our key services –

• Humidifier installation in Calgary
• Repair and replace parts and components
• Replacing the filters, evaporator pad, vales, and humidistat as required
• Provide a replacement for the existing unit
• Recommendations for repair and replacement

If you notice any kind of trouble with your humidifier, call us and let us help you keep your home clean and healthy. We deal with all types of humidifier including Furnace Humidifier in Calgary, and all types of air conditioning and heating systems.


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"My furnace quit working late at night during the -30 cold snap and tech Mac is very fast, professional and knowledgeable in repairing it. I want to acknowledge the excellent job you did. He replaced the blower motor and capacitor and had the heat blasting again. I fully trust Mac’s work in this company and I will highly recommend him to all my friends and family."

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