Furnace Duct Cleaning Calgary

Furnace Duct Cleaning Calgary

Extensive Furnace Duct Cleanup Services at $ 139
mark-icon A fully trained team of two technicians will visit with all safety protocols
mark-icon Clean and remove furnace blower assembly
mark-icon Inspect and Clean protectors, register covers, and drop sheets
mark-icon The system is completely made free of all the dust and debris

What Other Benefits are Included in our Duct Cleaning Service

mark-icon We replace the filters after thorough inspection and cleanup
mark-icon Take-up testing to check normal operation of the system including blower, inducer, and ignition
mark-icon Report and provide resolution for any malfunction and damage of part or system
mark-icon We provide warranties for our work

How much it Costs for Duct Cleaning?

mark-icon Transparent Cost for a cleanup on call as stated here without any hidden charges for a system and up to 10 vents
mark-icon Attractive Discounts for Annual Tune-up Contracts
mark-icon Our annual tune-ups will give you 20% discounts on duct cleaning and supply of filters
mark-icon Avail many other benefits are added to our annual tune-ups from time to time

We Are Fast and Fluent Duct Cleaning in Calgary

Our professionally trained and experienced technicians arrive on time as per scheduled appointment. We are just a single call away from our customers. All work is done in a single visit without any stress and trouble to the customers. Our efficiency has made us one of the most popular duct cleaning services in Calgary.

We Serve with Best Safety for your Home

We make sure that our customers' safety is not at risk during the services. Our high-quality equipment prevents any kind of damage to your system and home. We use safety hand gloves, protective mats for floors for avoiding damage and unwanted incidents. As we arrive, we remove our shoes outside and work with all precautions to keep your home safe and clean.

We are Equally Concerned about Post Cleaning Work

Once the cleaning is done, we ensure that every mess is cleared up. Our post-cleaning checklist helps us in hassle-free service for the customers. We take out the corners, hoses, magnets, clothes, and protective mats. The outer surface of the system is wiped properly. All the access holes are plugged back in place. All the dust and debris removed are disposed of properly.

How Often Duct Cleaning is recommended?

Though duct cleaning is advisable at an interval of 2 or 3 years, annual cleaning gives you the best indoor atmosphere. Regular annual duct cleaning is all about keeping the indoor air cleaner and fresher. Debris and pests accumulated in the duct for a long time may result in damage to the parts. Apart from annual duct cleaning, it should be done whenever you find bad air and pests in your duct.

How regular duct cleaning will benefit you?

When you have clean indoor air quality, you are ensuring good health for your home. Especially people suffering from allergies can escape from headaches, irritation of nose, throat, skin, and other issues like nausea. When the vents are clean and pollen-free, you are sure to breathe easier. Healthier indoors gives a positive ambience and boost good mental and physical health.

Our technicians are quick and accurate in understanding the malfunctions of the unit. They tell you the best possible precautionary measures to prevent larger issues like sudden system breakdown.

Will I Save Expenses with Regular Cleaning Services?

services-icon Keeping your system up to date with regular duct cleaning is the best way to save money.
services-icon Regular clean up increases the overall life span of the system
services-icon You will not be facing the wrath of harsh winters with a failed furnace at any weird hour
services-icon Reduced cooling and heating expenses with smooth airflow throughout the year
services-icon Huge savings on energy bills
services-icon Saves your system from major repair expenses

Call us for emergency duct cleaning in Calgary in the following cases-

services-icon If you have moved to a new home
services-icon You notice a heavy accumulation of debris, pests, pet furs into the ducts
services-icon You notice bad odor or unusual noise from the system
services-icon If the system was out of use for a long time
services-icon When the system is not tuned up or cleaned for a long time

Can the tune-up and cleaning procedures damage the system?

No. Proper furnace cleaning using the right kind of equipment cannot cause damage to the system or the vents. However, make sure you contact only the reputed and professional companies for the service. At the same time, the technicians should take precautions for the safety of the floors and furniture during the cleaning.


"Fast, Friendly & professional!!! We have been without heat and we all know the evenings are getting cool. Not only did he fix the problem, he recommended ways to save money on heating costs!!! Would not only recommend but I will make sure all my local family and friends only use Alberta Heating!"

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"My furnace quit working late at night during the -30 cold snap and tech Mac is very fast, professional and knowledgeable in repairing it. I want to acknowledge the excellent job you did. He replaced the blower motor and capacitor and had the heat blasting again. I fully trust Mac’s work in this company and I will highly recommend him to all my friends and family."

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