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Furnace Tune Up

Best Pre Season Furnace Tune-Up Services

mark-icon Get complete pre-season furnace servicing by the Best Furnace Company Calgary
mark-icon Reduce your energy bills to the minimum
mark-icon Increase the shelf life of the unit
mark-icon Avoid frequent repairing and sudden breakdowns
mark-icon Ensures safety with a thorough inspection by experts

Save More this Winter with Efficient Furnace

Reputed Furnace Cleaning Calgary company offers complete tune-ups, duct cleaning, preventive maintenance and repair work with best warranties

Special tune-up packages with duct cleaning before the winter sets off

A furnace perfectly tuned up can save your heating cost from 10 to 12%

Our effective maintenance program helps you get the most and best out of your furnace

Extensive checklists and inspection to prep-up the unit for long winters

What We Do

• Testing and Checking
• Cleaning and Servicing
• Measuring and Recording

Our technicians will check taps, fixtures, meters, water pressures, and other aspects to ensure your safety. We also install a new furnace to fit perfectly in your home. We offer furnace fixing in Calgary with attractive pricing and top quality work.

Any issue with the heating system will be quickly detected and resolved. This also saves the unit from frequent repairs during the use

What Furnace Tune-Up Includes

Our technicians follow an extensive maintenance program including below-

services-icon Cleaning the furnace
services-icon Checking and replacing filters
services-icon Lubricate the parts
services-icon Checking wiring systems and safety controls
services-icon Check the unit for spotless running
services-icon Check pilot light and change if required
services-icon Thermostat operation inspection
services-icon Check the efficiency of the motor
services-icon The efficiency level of the heat exchanger, mechanical room, and ventilation system
services-icon Checking airflow, gas valves, and gas lines for any disruption and leakage
services-icon Proper adjustment of fan controls

Though the above list says it all, this is not the end of the list and we do not mind doing more during the process.

When it is Important to Get a Furnace Tune-Up

If the furnace is showing any of these signs, it is high time to get a furnace tune-up

services-icon Furnace remained unused for a long time
services-icon Water and/or gas leakage
services-icon Unusual and loud noise from the furnace
services-icon Vents out cold air instead of warm
services-icon Heating cost increases
services-icon Pilot light is not blue but yellow
services-icon Thermostat is not functioning properly

Call only professional electric and Gas Furnace Repair Calgary company for tuning and servicing.


1. What is a furnace tune-up?

A furnace tune-up is a preventive maintenance to ensure the safety of the users and the performance of the furnace. It is mostly done annually. All the major components are checked during tune-up. If you fail to get it, you can get 24-hour Furnace Repair Calgary by giving us a call.

2. Do I need a tune-up if my furnace is new?

Even if your furnace is just one month old, tune up is recommended. It is the most cost-effective way of fault-finding before faults turn into bigger issues. Get a tune-up at every fall.

3. How often should I get a furnace tune-up?

Before the winter arrives, get a tune-up from professional experts. This will keep the unit in its best form and safe while using it.


"Fast, Friendly & professional!!! We have been without heat and we all know the evenings are getting cool. Not only did he fix the problem, he recommended ways to save money on heating costs!!! Would not only recommend but I will make sure all my local family and friends only use Alberta Heating!"

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"My furnace quit working late at night during the -30 cold snap and tech Mac is very fast, professional and knowledgeable in repairing it. I want to acknowledge the excellent job you did. He replaced the blower motor and capacitor and had the heat blasting again. I fully trust Mac’s work in this company and I will highly recommend him to all my friends and family."

Cecilia Soledad


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